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Sampietro Fabrics Production is the production department of the Group, and one of the world’s most important weaving companies for the processing of natural (silk, wool, linen and cotton) and artificial fibers (viscose, acetate, triacetate, polyamide and polyester), with a yearly production capability of 10.000.000 meters of fabric.

Thanks to its modern machines, Sampietro can satisfy any customer’s request as far as amount and product customization are concerned.

Sampietro Fabrics Production supplies fabrics to the most important converters, of medium-high, high and deluxe ranges, and it trades part of its production through the S.F.T. division, Sampietro Group’s trader.

About Us  /  Sampietro Group

Sampietro Group is one of the most important textile companies around the world, for the production, ennobling and marketing of medium-high, high and deluxe fabric collections for womenswear, menswear and accessories.

The Company is located in the Como area, and it is known all over the world for quality and creativeness of its textile industry.

Set up in 1930 as a third party supplier of lining materials, Sampietro Group grows during the ‘60s and ‘70s by purchasing innovative automatic and shuttleless weaving looms for the production of silk fabrics. During the ‘80s, under the leadership of the brothers Augusto, Ermete and Ermellinda Sampietro, it became the most important silk textile mill in the world.

Today the Group has reached the third generation and has different activities in order to meet customer’s different requirements. It has introduced new natural and synthetic yarns and has created a supply chain that allows the handling every single process from yarn manufacturing up to the sale of the finished fabric.

This process covers every step of manufacturing: style department, warping, weaving, traditional and digital printing, dyeing, finishing and marketing.

Thanks to its vertical structure, to the attention to the market trends and to the continuous investments in technology and research, the Group offers today a very high quality Made in Italy product.

Sampietro Group, controlled by the Holding Sampietro S.a.p.a. is actually constituted by:

Sampietro S.p.A.

The leader Company, distributed over three working units in the Como area.


The trader of the Group, supplies finished of medium-high, high or deluxe range.

Nomega S.r.l.

Dyeing and Printing department specialized in digital high quality fabric printings, finishing and dyeing, supplied with low environmental impact technologies and dyes. Part of the production is supplied to third parties.