Production Chain  /  Style Office

Our stylists, designers and technicians work directly with our customers to develop new fabrics and techniques.

This allows us to offer exclusive fabrics of high quality and to satisfy the individual needs of our international customers.

Production Chain  /  Warping Department

Our production flexibility is guaranteed by a warping department furnished with eight Benninger and Ergotronic warp machines used for production orders, and two Suzuki and one automatic Karl Mayer warp machines for sampling.

Production Chain  /  Weaving Department

We employ the latest generation weaving machines, which are at the heart of the Sampietro Group. This assures the flexibility and speed necessary to meet the demands of a global and ever-changing market.

Our facility has over 200 Itema looms ranging in width from 210 to 340cm. Some are Staubli Jacquard double machines and others are Staubli Jumbo looms. Additionally, we also own six Picanol looms with jacquard Bonas.

Production Chain  /  Dyeing Mill

Equipped with a large Mezzera VB purge and over flow in different compositions, The Nomega Srl, Dyeing and Printing Department of the Sampietro Group, is capable of dyeing articles made with nearly all textile fibers available.

Due to the flexibility and capacity of these machines, we can satisfy any production requirement. It is possible to dye from little to large quantities per color, within a single batch.

The dyeing mill is capable of working a variety of fiber contents such as viscose, cupro, nylon, wool, cotton, etc., as well as many different structures including delicate frisottini crepe satins.

For articles of mixed wool content, we also offer the possibility of trimming and KD at the completion of the dyeing process.

Production Chain  /  Printing Department

From the very beginning, The Sampietro Group has believed and invested in Digital Printing and was at the forefront of this technology. Partnering with Epson, we built a printing facility utilizing the latest generation machines.

We have continued to expand and grow, and are now capable of printing 20,000 linear meters of fabric per day.

Thanks to a completely vertical structure, we are able to follow each phase of a printed design; from the initial concept to fabric research, inkjet preparation, printing, purging, washing and finally finishing.

We are able to realize articles of the highest quality and together with our customers, develop exclusive and unique designs on silk, cotton, viscose, linen, wool, elastane, polyamide and polyester.

The strong point of this technology is its fast production time, allowing for quick reassortment, even in small lots.

Production Chain  /  Finishing Department

Our Finishing Department is equipped with technologically advanced machinery including rameuse, trimmers, continuous steaming devices, KD, Matt and a drying carpet to ensure high shrinkage standards.

We offer various finishes such as softeners, non-slip, anti-pilling, stain and oil repellent, anti-static, crease resistance, trimming treatments, KD finishing, thermo-fixing and steaming.